Different Millimeters Cone Crushers Have Different Specifications

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Cone crusher is one of common stone crushers types in the market. We know that there are different types of cone crusher available,such as SMH series cone crusher,SMG series cone crusher,SMS series cone crusher and so on. Besides,we also should learn each cone crusher model series is generally designated by a number which indicates the diameter of the cone in millimeters. Today,we will talk about 900 millimeter cone crusher,1200 millimeter cone crusher and 1600 millimeter cone crusher specifications.

Now,let's talk about 900 millimeter cone crusher. 900 series cone crusher is divided into three models: coarse, medium and fine. The coarse model is suitable for 269 tons of material per hour, breaking each piece from an initial size of 150 millimeters down to approximately 38 millimeters. The mid-range "medium" model can process up to crushing 69 to 144 tons of material per hour down to a resultant size of 19 to 30 millimeters in diameter. The fine media crusher is suitable for a "short head" model used for crushing materials to less than 18 millimeters. It is capable of handling 61 to 95 tons of material per hour. Three models are powered by electric motors generating 75 to 100 horsepower at a maximum speed of 630 revolutions per minute. Though these models are some of the smallest available, they aren't lightweight. Each one tips the scales at a massive 10,500 kilograms and stand approximately 2.7 meters high.

Then,learn some information of 1200 millimeter cone crusher. 1200 series cone crusher is also available three different models: coarse, medium and fine. The coarse model is capable of handling more than 460 tons of material per hour. The medium grind is suitable for a 1200 millimeter diameter cone crusher is able to process between 102 and 216 tons of material per hour, according to how large or small the resulting particles need to be. For the most finely ground materials, the short head model can handle 92 to 146 tons of ore per hour and discharge material measuring 9 to 30 millimeters in diameter. This kind of cone crushers range are powered by motors that generate 125 to 150 horsepower and spin the main drive axle at 560 revolutions per minute. Though they are not the largest crushers,this series of crushers each weigh in around 19,940 kilograms and stand 3.2 meters tall.

Besides,1600 millimeter cone crushers is also can be found in some fields. This series of cone crusher is some of the largest available in the market today. 1600 series cone crusher can be found with coarse grinding cones. Each is powered by an electric motor generating between 200 and 250 horsepower and which spins the primary axle up to 510 revolutions per minute. The average cone crusher of this size weighs more than 42,000 kilograms and stands over 3.8 meters high. It is capable of handling up to 730 tons of material per hour, the 1600 can break down ore as large as 280 millimeters in diameter to coarse rubble measuring 64 millimeters or less.

So we can find that different series cone crusher have different specifications,and there are a lot of important data informations which we must keep in mind. If you want to learn more information of cone crusher,you can visit www.sanmechina.com . As one of the most professional stone crusher website,it can help you find more crusher information which you really need.

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